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Do you spend a lot of time and effort on these activities?

Check the basic information

Check the basic information of condition with candidates

Post in systerm

Input data of information condition and candidate

Management of kind of document

Obtain file and suitable documents

Progress sharing

Confirmation of each proposal situation and sharing terms

Setting schedule of interview

Adjusting schedule of interview, guidance of place

If using HR - TAP, there are of time and effort will be released
In addition, it will increase the contract rate by overwhelmingly speed the proposal!

Basic information and hope conditions are automatically registered in the system
The point here!
Get registered from the Web to job seekers and referral partners
Or import the file
Management of documents and file in bulk
The point here!
Manage all files such as resumes, letters of consent, contracts in one screen
Sharing system management of progress
The point here!
Share the latest information automatically to the parties for each step of the business flow
Automatically notify an alarm to the person in charge too much of the answer scheduled time
Also leave system guidance to the schedule adjustment and place of the interview
The point here!
For the person in charge of the candidate and the referring company, the system does the adjustment of the schedule
Candidates also peace of mind because the system also shares information about the route from the candidate's home to the interview location and the travel time
That can be realized by the HR-TAP
It can speed up in all of the flow
Not only the basic information and suggestions situation but also visualize KPI and improvements of the sales team and the person in charge

The main function of the HR-TAP

Registration NAVI (information of candidate)

Posting candidate's basic information, study history, work experience, in 2 ways
・ Candidates upload using the application form
・ Upload from CSV File

Registration NAVI (referral company / job information)

Posting referral company infomation, person in charge, business negotiation situation, contract in 2 ways
・ Upload from a uploaded form ・ Batch registration from CSV file

Matching NAVI

AI matching priority is selected from" skill "," salary "," commuting time ", and" balance "
Displayed in descending order of matching rate between candidate and job information
Only unmatched items are shaded and displayed in an easy-to-understand manner.

Interview NAVI (interview setting and notification)

Dynamically set the meeting date and time, Interview poll notification

Progress NAVI (confirmation of proposal status / automatic alert notification)

Display the progress or stagnation of proposed work, automatic notification of answer reminder to candidate and the referring company

Commuting NAVI (display route and travel time)

View the route from home to work location on the map

Improvement NAVI (report task analysis)

Goal setting, activity results, the data of the sales results visualization
AI to analyze the problems of the business flow and sales representatives

Multilingual NAVI

Japanese, English, Vietnamese are available

One-tap output

Can be customized a variety of document the database to the original, simple output by tapping

Easy Customization

Freedom to customize, such as add / modify / delete items and choices

Easy import

Import the information of job seekers and job openings from CSV file

Easy export

A variety of data, reports, can be exported to the documentation

SNS ・Own company website

Auto post jobs information to the SNS and own company website

Cooperation with jobs media

Post registration information of jobs and candidate by cooperation with jobs media

Cooperation with external systems

Also possible to work with the company or an external system

Candidate, the person in charge at their respective positions
It allows you to try out immediately HR-TAP now

Support and fulfilling by Japanese, English,Vietnamese

Support and fulfilling by Japanese, English,Vietnamese

Customer support with dedicated staff

Hold individual consultations

Why do we have developed the HR-TAP?
In fact, earlier, the company entered the recruiting service business in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. At the moment Vietnam is gaining momentum and we have entered another field, but it is a shame that we were not profitable and quickly withdrew our investment.
In the company's internal meeting, we reviewed the reason for the withdrawal. We have come to the conclusion that the main cause of bad business results is "The referral speed is too slow". As the staff were about to leave the meeting room, one employee complained, "If there weren't such inefficiencies...
Or without only if inexperienced, even in companies that do not have only the person in charge even if one person, if there is a system that can be overwhelmingly proposed faster than the competition, the person in charge of recruitment, candidate, such as the introduction destination of the person in charge, etc. I'm sure many people will be happy. From now on will we develop such a system? Since we are the company that lights up the world, let's develop a system for the benefit of the people who are in trouble". Thus, HR-TAP was born.

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